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Thursday, February 26, 2009

organizing my scraproom challenge has changed!!!

well i am now going from a room to a space. me and my husband thought about it and it was clear i would give my space up. we have three girls right now and until we got a house in 2 years they could share a room and i could use the third as a craft room . well then we found out we were having a boy ... well we cant pu tfor kids in one room so the craft room will now become tatianas and cristofers room ... the up side i no longer have to do my room make over for free i now get 3oo hundred to do my space to my liking..... i love my hubby he took what shold have been a sad scrapping momment and made it even more of a fun challenge... so friday we start shopping saturday we start moving things by sunday i will be organized and ready to scrap ... and plus my hubby will be more comfty i the bed room with me on his bed while i scrap and we will have our room to our selfs because tati will be in her own room and when cristofer gets here he will too....

i will post pictures of the new space before i put wnythign in it and the the finished pictures of my space ...

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