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Thursday, February 26, 2009

organizing my scraproom challenge has changed!!!

well i am now going from a room to a space. me and my husband thought about it and it was clear i would give my space up. we have three girls right now and until we got a house in 2 years they could share a room and i could use the third as a craft room . well then we found out we were having a boy ... well we cant pu tfor kids in one room so the craft room will now become tatianas and cristofers room ... the up side i no longer have to do my room make over for free i now get 3oo hundred to do my space to my liking..... i love my hubby he took what shold have been a sad scrapping momment and made it even more of a fun challenge... so friday we start shopping saturday we start moving things by sunday i will be organized and ready to scrap ... and plus my hubby will be more comfty i the bed room with me on his bed while i scrap and we will have our room to our selfs because tati will be in her own room and when cristofer gets here he will too....

i will post pictures of the new space before i put wnythign in it and the the finished pictures of my space ...

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

challenge yourself

win this :
3 sheets of stickers
a kit to make 12x12
spool of ribbon
& a goodie baggie
all you have to do is the 5 part challenge :
do all or as many as you can and post a pic of each finished challenge in a comment post
follow the blog you can see if you are the winner and enjoy yourself!
the challenge (1-3 &5 must be done for this challenge not before)
starts 2/21 - 2/27 end
1. layout 12x12

2.make three cards :
thinking of you
simply missed
(choose out of the card sketches from

1. 2.3.4.

3.find your fav layout you have ever done and post a picture.
4.altered item of your choice
5. pay it forward:
find a way to pay your good in your life and post how you did it !

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

up for a challenge?? #1 w/finished layout

every week i will be challenging myself to do a layout. i will post a sketch of a layout and then post my finshed layout. the challenge will last for 5 days each week the challenge will start each weds. and end on mondays. if you would like to join in just post and follow the blog . enjoy

challenge #1

i am making mine a double layout and my
title and journal is on the other page

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

some of my layouts

the space!!! for now

Ok so i have more then a room i have two hall closets but on edoesnt count because it is just holiday thigs. the other is for all my spill over that i dont use to often. my goal is to get all organized.

so here is my entry to my room this is above french doors. i need ot finsh this off with some vinyl cutts.

this is my closet in side of the room. my hubby tok the doors off. this condo came with a large office desk and this is part of it in side of the closet holding up a shelf for my book(some of them anyways) up on top are my mags, flylady books and ont he side my punches

this is my embellies holder and my cart holder. this is in between my desk and the closet

this is my desk as messy as it is it some what works .. i would love to have a space where my hubby could come and do homework or something
this is my sewwing area-or so it was- it has been taken over by paper and cardstock and all the other spill over of left over kits and stuff i dont use often.(the peg boards are new )
this is a closer shot of the above
and this is that hall closet ... taht i really need to fix because i could do so much more with it
Any tips ? let me know

a challage from my hubby....

Erik has challenged me to redo/organizing my space. He saaid he would like to more easily be able to come in and hang out with me . He also made a great point ...with this growing belly i wont have run to walk around in a messy room . so i took a few days to think about it. after i figured i might be able to get some new things (by havinga mini yardsale at the end of it all) i could do this to make room for the new that might :) be coming in. he helped me clean up because after a crop i just didnt feel like cleaning. so i will be starting in a clean room !

these are the rules he gave me:
-take my time and not over work my self
-make it my own space
-do it for free(try not to buy any organizing stuff)
-and have fun

i thought this woould be easy . so i am going for it . i have set a little something for my self too
here are my added rules:
-must be done before the end of the month
-if i get it finished with out having to buy anything i get to buy $100 worth of thngs that are on my wish list
-a new cartridge:)

*keep your eyes out for some picture some coming soon !!!

Monday, February 16, 2009


this is a layout i did for when my hubby and i were able
to get batized together. it was so nice to be able to do
this with him!! i made it very simple because i wanted
the pictures to speak for them selfs.

my love layout

Thursday, February 12, 2009

swaps i am in and hosting

themes embellies- due march 1st~postal~
Hosting- character swap- due march 1st
homemade scrappers kit- due march 10th
Hosting-die cut swap- due march 15th
survial paint can swap- due april 6th~making~
Hosting- 12x12 swap- due may 1st
8x8 baby first holday book-due may 15th ~almost done~
inchie swap-due may 15th ~working on them ~
new and different lo swap- due june 1st
Hosting- 4th of july paint can swap-due june 10th
Hosting- i spy -due march 20th