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Monday, April 6, 2009

my paint can that i recieved today

on each little book mark like size side there is a different month . it is so cut ei am looking forward to using these on layouts out latter on . my partner went ahead and lightly adhered them so i can use them .

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Week 5 Challenge

This is a 8 1/2 x 11 sketch but i plan on changing this
into a 12x12 sketch . i look forwrd to using this one for
a spring layout maybe.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

st paddys day

tati and her future hubby

my girls and there bff 's


my baby girls

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Week 4 picked by my hubby

i love the sketches are so wonderful !!!! so here is week 4 and i hope you enjoy. week 2 and week 3 will be updated with photos tomorrow morning once my camara wants to "love" me :O)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

How to make your kits for on the go

i love making kits for when i am on the go or trying to catch a scrapping moment durning nap time. so i thought it would be fun to share the how to on one of my time saving / money saving tips.

what i include in my kits are simple:

photos with info on the day( i always write down my layouts)
4 cardstocks( 2 same color 2 cord. colors)
2- 3 pattern papers
any pre made journal mats or photomats.
a small baggie of embellishments that cord.
including:(but maybe not all )
brads , eyelets, ribbon, stickers, clips ect.
a sketch if it is called for that layout.

you can put them into a 2 gallon zip lock bag but i use an old album and extra page protectors

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

looking for designers

i have a weekly sketch challenge going and i am looking for a team of designers that will make a sketch and prepare a layout for each week. i usually use pagemaps and i have yet to use one of my own . i would love a team of three . if you are interested the steps you have to take are easy.

* make a layout for all three weeks and post them
*follow this blog
*submit one layout you would like for me to see that you have created.

thank you look forward to seeing it all

How To

Anything and everything to do with crafting. My How To's about scrapping and crafting. Helping me on my path to save money.

How To's

#1 do you love collecting sketches or even drawing your own ??

grab a binder, some page protectors, a hole punch if needed and some dividers.
make three sections for the sketches. Section 1 for your sketches 2 for the ones you love and borrow and the last section for those ideas that you have yet to put into sketches.

i have a binder full of page map sketches .. i love those ... my dividers are in sections of layouts cards & half maps

#2 do you love gems ... i sure do

do you have a lot of gem pack that you use on your cards and layouts? well take a med. to large D-ring and decor with a few pieces of ribbon( has to look pretty) add all of your gem packages onto the ring and they will all be at hand when needed.

#3 do you have a lot of markers ... have no place to put them or are they taking up space.

i have about 10 to 15 markers and i dont use them to often but when i do it takes so much time to find them. So being a mom of 3 and another on the way i have plenty of mini wipe boxes the one you can take with you on the go ... i decor the outside with a few stickers and put in all of my markers . they are in one spot and ready to grab.

#4 what about those scraps you have left over after putting them to use for your layouts and cards?

simple ... go to your kitchen and take out one of your zip lock bags the gallon or bigger work best . slip in your scraps . ready to pull out for a project or on the go . do you have small scraps and want to keep them in different bags. simple take the sandwhich zips and sep. into different bags. seal turn up side down and punch a hole add all the bags to a D-ring.

#5 i found a great little tip. i love the scallop edges on paper but i just dont want to spend the extra money on a already made paper with that cut. so when i found this tip i feel in love with it.

simply .... take your photo rounder( most common is the green one ) take the guard off and turn upside. start at edge and make the punch. when going on to the next over lap a tad bit and punch again. continue the hole lenght you desire and there you go a cheaper or free way to make a scallop edge. try first on a scrap paper so you can see how much to over lap. it is truly a tad...

#6 you buy stacks or card stock packs. they all come with a piece of thin to almost med. piece of chipboard.

take the piece of now made in to chipboard and cut into stripes of desire size. the tiner it is the better. you can use it with the cricut to make title and embellies. also if you would like to make one of those cute chipboard books but dont want to pay anywhere from $.50 to $1.00 per piece, gather up a few pieces and cut to desire size punch a hole and add a D-ring . decor and there you go. a all the way home made chipboard book.(dont forget to think about those left over ceral boxes. they make great chip board to .)