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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

looking for designers

i have a weekly sketch challenge going and i am looking for a team of designers that will make a sketch and prepare a layout for each week. i usually use pagemaps and i have yet to use one of my own . i would love a team of three . if you are interested the steps you have to take are easy.

* make a layout for all three weeks and post them
*follow this blog
*submit one layout you would like for me to see that you have created.

thank you look forward to seeing it all


  1. CeCe-I wish I could help...but never done it before...but i am sure someone will show up for you. Love your blog!!

  2. Cece - the three weeks that are allready the challenge?

  3. yes ... in the blog i have week 1 week 2 and most recently week 3... those are the 3 i would like to see