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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time Saving Tips that turn into Money Saving Tips

I have sat down for a few days and thought about how i can increase my scrapping budget....

so this is what i came up with. time saving tips that will save me money.i am sharing them hoping they will be helpful for you . i will cont. add to this post when ever i come up with a new idea. if you have an idea you would like to add to this feel free to post a comment.

*when i am at my best i scrap a layout a day. So as you can believe i have a ton of scraps. here is my tip.

tip: first and for most clean up after each and every project. but before you clean up after making a layout use the left overs to make a card. once you make the card put it into your card box(future post come on how to decor a card box) and you will no longer have scraps to put away.

money saving: now that you will have a box of cards you will be able to save about $2- $5 per card you make. Not having to buy a card will make it easier to put those savings in to your scrapping.

*i often find things in my space that i have had for a while or forgot i had and double bought. so i feel every three to four months you should go through you things and have a scrap sale.

tip: go through you supplies and sort. make four piles that you will be able to get through in a short time. Keep - Throw - Sale - donate. Step one put away you keep pile and throw away your trash. Step two donate to a friend or school the items in your donate pile. and finially step three have a small yard sale/internet sale of the items in your sale pile.

Money saving: now that you know what you have you will be able to spend your money on other items to add to your scrap supplies. and the items you sale will bring in extra cash to put towards your scrapping fund.

*Keeping it clean. i find that i spend more money when i am in a rut and dont clean my area. so every evening before i turn off my crafters light i make sure to tidy up my area( and trust me some nights i skip) i put things away and plan for my next layouts.

tip: put htings in there place once you are done with them. you will always know where they are and not have to look for things when making layout. make sure everything is in reach that you use often and put things less often used away. plan a layout in advance so that when you are ready to sit a scrap you will know what you are doing.

money saving: you wont be double buying on tools. or get board with what you have because your space is dirty. when you dont want to sit were your at but still want to scrap you find your self at the store.

* make kits so when you are goin on the go youwill have something to grab. and when you want to do a fast page with out all the thinking you have a layout kit ready to go .

tip: take the time to take some pictures paper cardstock and embellies and put them into a 2 gallon zip lock bag. make a post it note of what this kit is about and stick it to the front. you will know what is in it and be able to pull it out and go.

money saving: want to save a little. we all at times have extra page protectors from our booksso instead of buying the 2 gallon zip lock bags use those in stead and then you can put htem in a old album or a album you wont use for storage. you can grab the hole album an go . no need to spend on a storage system.

*i find myself always forgetting something when i go to a crop. i find that i have to make a stop at the store right before i go (making me late) or when i get there buying from the hostest who so happens to sell for some company.

tip: in you crop bag or rolling tote keep these always used tools inside ready to go. you should always have adhesive( sll the ones you use) a simple mini pack of markers( primary colors) extra cards stock( brown black white blue & pink ) and last but not least ink. i know you say ink ...if ou love using stamps but dont have the room to bring them or forgot a favorite one... one of the cropers may let you borrow one. no need to buy a mini one . also handy if you are a inker like me.

money saving: now when you go to a crop no need to stop to buy or have to spend money at the crop on the must haves. i find that when i am in a hurry i always end up buying some sort of adhesive. so now packing up my must haves and keeping a set in my crop bag i save money on not buying( a way more expensive ) items when i have them at home. i am able to save more torwards my scraping fund.

*do you find yourself buying magazine after magazine on our fav subject scrapbooking/cardmaking?? well i found a simple way to narrow it down to 2.

tip: when choosing your magazine remeber you will not buy them at a store you will get a subscription. sit down and make a list of what you are looking for in a magazine. for me its simple i look for organization tips money saving tips & layout ideas. stop at your local book store and grab every single magazine they have on the subject. find one of those comfty chairs they have inthe store and start looking through them. once you find 1 - 2 that fit your list of needs then you know which one to get a subscription to. remember you can cahnge your mind after a year and try a different one.

money saving: each magazine cost around $5 each so you think if you are like the way i was a few months ago you can easily spend close to or more then $30 a month on all you favs( i would buy 5 magazines eaach month) and if you simple buy 1-2 subscriptions for the year. you not only save on gas but each subscription runs about $20 each for 8 -12 issues. so in a year buying two subscriptions you can save around $320 and that lovly amount can go towards scrapping.

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