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Thursday, March 5, 2009

my rambling ....

So i find my self in a rut. i have started and signed up for swaps (which i intend to do ) and i cant find my self a want to sit and scrap. My hubby thinks its because i lost my scrapbook room and that i am so tired. But i think it has nothing to do with that. I believe that i just havent found my nitch yet. I found myself making my first paint can swap and i just didnt like it. i thought it would be so much easier and i would have a blast. I can only hope it isnt a disapointment to my can buddie. i want to redo it but my hubby said to leave it as is. that it will be the only way for me to get better at them. I am not use to not being good at something involving scrapping so its hard for me. So i find myself in a want to get things going to want to have fun again. So i joined the 52 week challenge. You can fin a link on this blog to join or look at the layouts already done. So i have photos of my new space and a surprise that my hubby got me because he felt so bad about my idea of losing my space... hope to post them soon

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