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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

the space!!! for now

Ok so i have more then a room i have two hall closets but on edoesnt count because it is just holiday thigs. the other is for all my spill over that i dont use to often. my goal is to get all organized.

so here is my entry to my room this is above french doors. i need ot finsh this off with some vinyl cutts.

this is my closet in side of the room. my hubby tok the doors off. this condo came with a large office desk and this is part of it in side of the closet holding up a shelf for my book(some of them anyways) up on top are my mags, flylady books and ont he side my punches

this is my embellies holder and my cart holder. this is in between my desk and the closet

this is my desk as messy as it is it some what works .. i would love to have a space where my hubby could come and do homework or something
this is my sewwing area-or so it was- it has been taken over by paper and cardstock and all the other spill over of left over kits and stuff i dont use often.(the peg boards are new )
this is a closer shot of the above
and this is that hall closet ... taht i really need to fix because i could do so much more with it
Any tips ? let me know

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