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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

a challage from my hubby....

Erik has challenged me to redo/organizing my space. He saaid he would like to more easily be able to come in and hang out with me . He also made a great point ...with this growing belly i wont have run to walk around in a messy room . so i took a few days to think about it. after i figured i might be able to get some new things (by havinga mini yardsale at the end of it all) i could do this to make room for the new that might :) be coming in. he helped me clean up because after a crop i just didnt feel like cleaning. so i will be starting in a clean room !

these are the rules he gave me:
-take my time and not over work my self
-make it my own space
-do it for free(try not to buy any organizing stuff)
-and have fun

i thought this woould be easy . so i am going for it . i have set a little something for my self too
here are my added rules:
-must be done before the end of the month
-if i get it finished with out having to buy anything i get to buy $100 worth of thngs that are on my wish list
-a new cartridge:)

*keep your eyes out for some picture some coming soon !!!

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